“Where Hospitality Meets Lifestyle!”

As a partner of HPN, YAFI helps to create a better “lifestyle” for our industry – CLICK FOR VIDEO


Earn some of the best commission in the independent sales space, and support your community, by introducing the Lifestyle Rewards Membership (LRM)! Simply put, it’s a better way to leverage spending dollars, while also helping sustain long-term growth. Furthermore, it greatly extends the use of GIFT CARD, by adding a tremendous amount of value for “in-store” and outside of the store.

#1 – Sign-up as a Affiliate with YAFI to participate in an opportunity to impact your community and your financial position

#2 – Refer other Affiliate (great leads available) local businesses, and non-profits to participate in a private LRM

#3 – The LRM has been developed for most vertical markets, and covers most industries

#4 – Referring Affiliate receives commission and qualified overrides for LRM activities

#5 – Referring Affiliate also receives a complimentary Family Vacation Certificate


We’ve partnered with YAFI to offer an exclusive Lifestyle Rewards Membership (includes Streaming TV, Mobile Communications, Vacation Certificate, etc.), plus more amazing BENEFITS and CASH-BACK from your everyday retail purchases.

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