Hospitality Plus+ presently is in a unique position, achieving exclusive partnerships, to support an instant stimulus within the restaurant space. Restaurant Helping Restaurants (RHR) is a concept created exclusively by HPN, which temporarily provides a loan, in the form of the Lifestyle Rewards Membership (LRM) bundles, designed to help restaurants generate new and predictable monthly (membership) revenue.

Once completing the “sponsored” LRM bundle (20-40 LRM’s in each bundle), the restaurant then returns the loan back to the originating foundation, in order to be recycled to the next qualifying restaurant. A new temporary sponsorship is then issued, and it flips again, and again, and again. The LRM platform includes premier benefits, incentives, coupons, discounts and services. It is ideal for any organization that is serious about creating real, long-term loyalty and profit.

What are the highlights!?

We leverage the outdated Gift & Reward Card
 Create better loyalty among customers and guest
 Create a instant financial stimulus using tools already in place
 Purchase a VIP Gift Card and receive an LRM with great benefits
 VIP gift card returns 100% – Reward of the purchase price
 We include “organic” marketing at zero cost to the restaurant
 We are dedicated to restaurants, non-profits and community success

HPN with YAFI can help to create a better “lifestyle” for our entire industry – SEE VIDEO

With our exclusive hospitality relationship with YAFI, HPN will include the LRM, designed to add great value to many types of entities in the hospitality space. We offer a better way to help leverage spending and create better loyalty, while impacting sustain growth. We leverage the use of the gift card, by adding incredible benefits, which extend well beyond the in-store value of the gift card alone. Please see below on how to get started with us.

> Affiliate’s are local businesses, associations, non-profits and groups who participate in the LRM platform.

> Affiliate’s sign-up at the YAFI Affiliate site and receive an email for approvalHPN receives duplicate of your status.

> Affiliate’s receives a commission between wholesale & retail value + optional upcharge with each Lifestyle Membership activated from their “Bundle” Inventory.

Lifestyle Membership includes complimentary Streaming TV, Mobile Communications, Vacation Certificates, plus more amazing BENEFITS and CASH-BACK from everyday purchases and service usage.

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