Human Resource Docs

Our Mission

We’ve developed a series of Human Resource Files to provide convenience and impact profits for restaurants, hotels, catering groups, etc., and throughout the hospitality space. The H.R. platform consists of 134 files in 3 folders. These documents save valuable time, energy, and dollars.  Files can be edited and incorporated to assist departments, easily, quickly, and effectively.  

Giving Back to our Industry

Our tools typically sell for $129 (or more) per bundle. However, because of the conditions of the restaurant space, we needed to give back even more to the industry we hold so close to our hearts. Now receive all three bundles at NO COST to select groups. Simply request a password to download the H.R. files below as complimentary and thank you for your ongoing support. Kindly let us know if you have found the information helpful.  

Example: Create an employee handbook, as well as front & back of the house training manuals. job descriptions, spread sheets, plus much much more. Here is what you do next:

1) Open the file you wish to create

2) Print out several hard copies

3) Have your team partake in editing the new manuals

Having the team involved is extremely important because it simplifies the task and promotes involvement. The folder’s contents are informative, inexpensive, and will greatly help move your forward process, by creating new manuals that are specific for your business.


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