Our goal is to offer quality services and benefits, along with partnering with companies who have shared visions. We include profit strategies, but with a keen focus on producing positive results for many vertical markets within the hospitality space.

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Growth comes through knowledge and leveraging those who may know more then us, this is highlighted through our relationships. We harness information, resources and strategies, combined for your success.

Bye, Bye Gift Card. Hello..

Lifestyle Membership

HPN has redefined the outdated gift card and retired the rewards card. Replacing them with predictable revenue for your business, while adding incredible value for the cardholder and the entire family.

A few things we’re great at…

We assist the food service industry. Including  independent retail (restaurants, bakeries, etc), to white table cloth, golf clubs, hotels, resorts, more. Including those who support the industry, such as manufacturing and associations.

Lifestyle Membership

A wholesale and retail platform, designed to provide premier services, with members only discounts in shopping, dining, travel, much more!

Services, Human Resource Forms, More

We give-back to causes by offering a volume of editable documents, created to help with the front-of-the-house, and back-of-the-house operations.

Unified Communications

A one-stop-shop communication tool. Provided  complimentary,  designed to extend your reach and interaction with your target base.

Entertainment Services

Lifestyle Member receive discounts on hotels, car rentals. resorts, dining, plus more. included is a 3, 5, or 8-day Vacation Certificate for a family of four.


RhR, is a unique sponsorship concept, assisting “recycled” restaurants and hospitality related industries. Sponsors include, but are not limited to:

> Food Service Suppliers
> Retuarant Groups
> Hospitality Foundations
> Celebrity Chefs
> and More

They present to their accounts or favorite restaurants, a bundle of (20) Lifestyle Memberships (LRM). The recipient restaurant, in turn, inherits a “new way” to extend the gift card and rewards system, while incorporating predicable revenue and loyalty benefits for restaurants everywhere!

RhR Details

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Creating an expandable personalized notebook for future reference and menu development Design Menus, Special Events, and Daily Feature with speed and creativity.


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