Our goal is to offer quality services and benefits, along with partnering with companies who have shared visions. We include profit and donor strategies, but with a keen focus on producing positive results for many vertical markets within the hospitality and non-profit space.

national & international


Growth comes through knowledge and leveraging those who may know more than us. This is highlighted through our relationships. We harness information, resources and strategies, combined for your success.

Bye, Bye Gift Cards 
and Hello Membership

Hospitality & Non-Profit Consulting

HPN has successfully redefined the outdated Gift Card and Rewards Program  implenting a creative approach with new results. We have replaced them with predictable applications, while adding incredible value for your customers experience. Details HERE

A few things we’re great at…

We assist the food service industry. Including independent retail (restaurants, bakeries, etc), to white table cloth, golf clubs, hotels, resorts and more. Including those who support the industry, such as manufacturing and associations.

Lifestyle Membership

A wholesale and retail platform, designed to provide premier services, with private members only discounts in shopping, dining, travel, much more!

Event Specialist

We give-back by offering a volume of editable documents, created to help with the front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house operations.

Profitabilty Tools

We offer great options for natural gas and communication tools, designed to improve energy effeciency and overall profit impact

Entertainment Services

Lifestyle Members receive discounts on hotels, car rentals, resorts, dining, plus more. Iincluded is a 3, 5, or 7-day Vacation Certificate for a family of four.

Strategic Collaborations

We include unique sponsorship concept, assisting  hospitality related industries as well as non-profits organizations to inhance there donations.

Food Service Suppliers > Restaurant Groups > Hospitality Foundations > Celebrity Chefs > and More

Details HERE

Community is first with HPN

Our community, is just that it”s how we as the citizens visualize  the dream. Businesses that fit our Lifestyle for prosperty, parks and playgrounds.  As neighbors, friends and family we will and can say. This is our Community and we are so proud, Welcome!!                                        

Family, Faith, Community Cornerstones 

Strong family ties, combined with a faith base, makes us a stronger community. Thus contrubiting  to the foundation  for  our neighbors our childrean and there childrean. i

We Donate 75% to the  Non-Profit Organizations 

Our passion will be releantless in assistiing  First Responders, Childrean Chartities, Military Orgeranizions , Christan Food Pantries. Join with us and make  a difference

Prefefined Community with Rewarding Results

Communties support is the responabality of each of us. One has to look around and  ask how can I help.  Search for a local support group and get involived.   Our Community is Strong 

Join us. It will only take a minute . .