"Profit support for the hospitality and surrounding verticals throughout the United States"

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Delivering a range of services and current information, with blog sharing platform with old and new school solutions

Family Lifestyle Benefits

Lifestyle Membership are changing the way restaurants will leverage  customers loyalty, with cash back rewards, includes entire household.

Partner Relations

We offer unique opportunities for regional & national vertical markets professional support with a generous commission

Extended Services

We offer a range of specific services to maintain operations, and partnered with select group for your best solutions

One Source – One Connection

Connecting You To The Right Resource – At The Right Time – For The Right Reason!

We position you to be ahead of the curve, through creative marketing, partnering, and advice.


“HPN is an exclusive Partner with the YAFI Lifestyle Membership network ”

Combining an exclusive Lifestyle Membership with complimentary Streaming TV as well as a Family Vacation!  HPN now provides retail packages to Consumers, and wholesale bundles to our Affiliates, with amazing BENEFITS and CASH-BACK from stores, shops, concerts, dining, much more. The objective is to recycle every day spending dollars, back to the Private Members. SEE PACKAGES

“We Believe in Community”

We partner with those that believe in giving back to their communities, through personal involvement, public service, and charitable contributions.!


Extended Services

Telecom, Deregulation, Processing, H.R.Check it out

Consumer Lifestyle Membership

Providing benefits that go beyond the norm! CHECK OUT HPN

Editable Documents

Assisting with Front and Back of the HouseCheck it out

What Our Clients Say

“We are lucky to have found you. More so to getting to know you and your team. You helped changed the philosophies within our space. We now think out of the box, by you sharing your strategic outlook with us. We appreciate your support”

“HPN saved our restaurant with 5 solutions! Lifestyle Membership, TV Streaming & Vacation Certificate, H.R. Editable Docs, and Zero Fee  Processing. “

Anna Johnson

“You truly are one of the best resources we have discovered within our industry. Your insight and services are well thought out to help with our daily challenges. Thank you, HPN!

Eric Black

“We are thrilled to see the pieces coming together. You provided more than expected. We will continue to recommend your services”

John Collins

JOIN US: We are placing the In-house Rewards Benefits program on Steroids!

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