Restaurant Spin Zone

As an extension of HPN, RSZ has changed the way GIFT CARDS are leveraged for new profits – CLICK FOR VIDEO


Earn tremendous incentives, while also supporting your local business community, by introducing the Lifestyle Entertainment Membership! Simply put, it’s a better way for a consumer to leverage their spending dollars, while also helping the merchant sustain their business growth.

#1 – Sign-up as a Referral Affiliate to participate in a FREE Promotional opportunity to assist your community merchants

#2 – Refer your favorite local business to participate in a private Lifestyle Entertainment Membership program

#3 – Refer Restaurants, Golf Club, Bistros, etc., when they make a 1-bundle minimum purchase (5 = 1-bundle) Lifestyle Entertainment Memberships

#4 – Referring Affiliate receives a FREE/3-Month “Lifestyle Membership” of their choice. 

#5 – Referring Affiliate also receives a FREE 4-day/3-night Family Vacation Certificate


We’ve partnered with YAFI, to offer an exclusive Lifestyle Membership (FREE-IPTV) with a VIP in-house GIFT CARD! Providing amazing BENEFITS and CASH-BACK, by recycling spending dollars back to the “gift card” owner, through other everyday retail purchases.

Plus, as an Affiliate with HPN, you always stay ahead of the curve with LOW-COST marketing and much more!