Restaurant helping Restaurants (RhR)

Hospitality Plus+ continues its forward movement, by assisting the hospitality industry with creative cost-savings benefits and revenue generating platforms.

Having 57 years in this space, the number one question is, “why hasn’t there been an upgrade for the Gift Card and Reward Platform?”

Well, upgrades have now arrived! HPN offers quality benefits and cash-back solutions, designed to recycle dollars back to Restaurants, Customers and Communities – gratefully supported by passionate Sponsors. 

“We have successfully redesigned the outdated gift card, plus retired the rewards program, all while assisting restaurants with predicable revenue, loyalty and quality customer benefits.”  

RhR is a unique sponsorship program, which temporarily assist a restaurant, or related business with a loyalty solution that also adds measurable results. We’ve accomplished this by leveraging an exclusive partnership with YAFI, and its exclusive Lifestyle Membership (LRM) platform.

How it Works:

  • Sponsor selects a Restaurant and presents them with 20 LRM’s 
  • Restaurant to provide their customers a choice of 1 of 4 LRM options   
  • Restaurant returns the wholesale cost of the 20 memberships to the Sponsor
  • Sponsors “re-cycles” to a new Restaurant after the original cost has been returned  

What is the uniqueness of RhR?

The LRM essentially will pay for itself, after redeeming the benefits within the package.

Each LRM will include everyday savings on Groceries, Travel, Dining, Car Rentals, Fuel, Hotels, Resorts, Entertainment, plus more. Also, an annual 3, 5, or 8-Day Family Vacation Certificate.

LRM’s provide quality benefits and rewards, designed to return the original purchase cost (and more) back to the member.

Sponsors can CLICK HERE for a follow up details.